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Our Approach

We at BDP like to meet with our clients often to keep them up to date on the progress of their projects so that we can make sure you get exactly what you want. When you want it. We do this via email, text, and phone. We feel the more input you have with your project the better chance you will end up with something you are going to love. On the flip side, some of our client like to trust in the over 10-year experiences and dedication we have, to give them everything they asked for. Either way, your satisfaction is our main goal.

Our Story

BDP started in Kissimmee, FL 2001. I was shooting video & photography for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, under the Futura Video Productions logo. But as the industry grew, as all thing do, it became so competitive that I could not make ends meet. So I folded up shop. : (

However, I never lost the passion for video and photography. So after running around the county for a few years, I found the wonderful city of Columbia, MO. I settled down and in 2014 turned my passion into Big Day Productions and continued to pursue my love for video and photography and have been shooting everything from Motocross, Weddings,  BMX, Family Portraits ever since.

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