How Pre-Race Sign-up works

Pre-Race Buy-Outs must be submitted M-F the week before the race weekend. Sign-up will close midnight on Friday and reopen on Monday for the next weekend. We follow the Missouri State Race and the HLR Series. Please don’t sign-up for a race that we will not be attending. Race Calendar

When you do a pre-race sign-up, all your photos for that weekend are coved. Please come to the Big Day Productions trailer and check-in when you arrive so we know to look for you on the track and at your gate drop. We will not be responsible for missing your photos if you do not check in with us.

Price $50.00

What’s Included:

  • Any and all Photo
  • Practice Shots (When possible)
  • All Races & Motos
  • Clean Bike shots (On request)
  • Head Shot (On request)

Requirements & Limitations

  • Pre-Race sign-up is limited to 2 Classes
  • Checking in at BDP Trailer is REQUIRED
  • One rider per buy-out


Once you have purchased your buy-out and checked in there is no need to return to the BDP trailer unless you wish to purchase prints. We will upload all of your photos to a private viewing page. You can choose to have your link texted or emailed to you. Your Private viewing page will Expire in 2 weeks from the time we send the link unless you are one of our $5.00 a month subscribers. For information on subscriptions click here.

Required if the rider is a minor.
Guardian's Phone number (Cell is preferred)
Weekend Buy-Outs must be submitted M-F the week before the race. The Date above will apply to the upcoming weekend.
Please enter the name of the track you want us to shoot at.
Please enter your first Class
Please enter your Second Class

Bike Infomation

Enter the bike manufacturer, SUZUKI, HONDA, YAMAHA
Enter the bike Size (65, 85, 450)
What color is the bike
Enter your bike number