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Plans For Every Budget

We think everyone deserves fantastic photos, just like the professionals. Perfect for sharing on social media, displaying on your wall, or sending to sponsors as a thank-you for their support.


Access to our website

$ 0
/ Monthly
  • Photo Request System
  • Track Specials
  • Notification of up coming Specials


Great Savings Unlimited Photos

$ 10
/ Monthly
  • Private viewing page
  • $2.00 Digital Downloads (Save $3.00)
  • $4.00 4x6 Prints (Save $1.00)
  • $10.00 8x10 (Save $5.00)
  • $15.00 Race Buyout (Save $5.00)
  • $50.00 Weekend Buyout
  • Free 20x30 Standard Poster

Private Viewing Page with Unlimited Photos All your photos are sorted by Year Series and Track. All in one place. for the life of your membership.

After every 12th consecutive payment or at the end of your 12-month period, you earn 1 FREE 20×30 or smaller Standard Poster. (20×30, 16×20,11×14)

One Membership will cover all the series that BDP attends.

First, to find out about new products and Specials.


Start saving a minimum of $20 to start.

$ 100
/ Yearly
  • Private viewing page
  • $10.00 Race Buy out (Save $10.00)
  • $50 Weekend Buyout (Save $10.00)
  • $12.00 15oz Coffee Mug (Save $3.00)
  • $25.00 20oz Custom Tumbler (Save 5.00)
  • $10.00 8×10 (Save $5.00)
  • $4.00 4×6 Prints (Save 1.00)

End of the Season FREE  Standard or Custom Poster.

One Subscription page will cover all the series that BDP attends.

First, to find out about new products and Specials.

Common Questions & Things to Know

If you intend to participate for a full season, opting for a paid membership would be the ideal choice. Upon checking in at the track, you won’t have to take any action except reviewing your viewing page the week after the race, where all your photos will be available.

While we can’t guarantee the exact number of photos captured, we strive to provide 10 to 20 images per paid rider. Typically, as most of the events we cover span two days, surpassing our quotas isn’t usually an issue. If you want to guarantee more images you can use your discount to purchase a Race or Weekend Buyout that will be added to your Privet viewing page.

Race Buyout have a $2.00 download fee per image.

Weekend Buyouts come with Unlimited FREE Download

We aim to prioritize our workflow to ensure our photos are uploaded within the upcoming week and ahead of the next race.

Upon receiving your Photo Request, we’ll review the race photos you submit. Once located, we’ll enhance and prepare a page for you. Then, a temporary viewing link will be emailed to you.

You can choose to revert to a free account, but you’ll lose all your discounts and any accumulated time stored for your free poster.

Race Buyout option is tailored for a single race selection. Our attention will be dedicated to you or your rider during that event. You’ll have the choice of 4 digital images or 2 printed 8×10 photos available on-site. If you have a Paid Membership your discount on race Buyouts or 8×10 Prints will apply. 

Weekend Buyout involves selecting two primary classes and practice sessions for us to capture your photos. Additionally, if we capture images of you on the track during any other races, those images are included too. You have no need to return to us to view or select your photos with in a week we will email you a link, for you to view all your photos and download all of them at no extra fee. If you have a Paid Membership your images will appear on your Viewing page were you are free to download them for free

Can’t decide which plan is right for you?

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